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The Royal Ascot Diaries

β€œThe perfect Ascot hat has to be elegant with a touch of wow”
— Ilda Di Vico

The Royal Ascot races invite sophistication and class from the world’s most auspicious personalities. Impeccably dressed men and women grace the prestigious Ascot race grounds, admiring the very best thoroughbreds in the world as they faceoff in the legendary races. With the impossibly high standard of fashion raised every year we look on in awe of the fashion world at its finest.

One of the biggest events on the British social calendar, The Royal Ascot separates itself from other occasions through its established level of style, and emphasis on elegance. It invites controlled originality, whilst maintaining a basic structure of finesse. For ladies this means no midriffs, fascinators with a base of 4 inches or larger (but preferably hats), shoulders covered by straps at least an inch thick and dress length just above the knee or longer. Gentlemen are kindly asked to wear a waistcoat and tie, a grey or black top hat and black shoes. These basic rules contribute to the famous refinement and regality associated with the Royal Ascot. 

The appearance of various members of the Royal family contributes to the magnificence of the races. Surrounded by 300,000 adoring racegoers, the Queen stood out in a wonderful pink ensemble. Though the majority of attendees stuck to the general Royal Ascot fashion guidelines, some - such as the eye-catching Lisa Tan and Angela Menz - pushed the boundaries with their eccentric wardrobe choices.   

Photos sourced from CNN and The Telegraph. 

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