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Originally posted on Almost Famaus.  

Denim jeans are arguably the ‘it’ item of every woman’s fashion arsenal. Simple styling can transform your favourite denim jeans from a relaxed ensemble to alluring after-dark attire. This is the power of jeans. Versatile and sexy, they are always in season. With fashionistas fully immersed in the luxury of Spring, the current and anticipated trends for denim jeans are more daring and elaborate than anything we have seen in recent fashion history.

Raw Edges

While frayed hems were the trend of last year, a cleaner more deliberate raw edge is the epitome of off-duty cool this season. They offer the ultimate street style, effortlessly catapulting an outfit from ‘meh’ to ‘yeah’. Themed with other trends, such as the crop and the rework, this trend is a streetwise, confident reimagining of the classic jeans. Our tip? Step hems. Ah-mazing.

Novelty Accents

Adornments have been taken a step further this season. Designers have re-envisioned denim, borrowing from the domain of nineties teens and craft connoisseurs. Pearls, sequins, badges and lace are personalising this off-duty signature look. Accents are a rare trend that don’t discriminate between body types. Find your style, then enhance as you wish.  And the best part? This is possibly the most enjoyable DIY trend this season. Pass the thimble, please.

Crème of the Crops

Original? No. Utterly gorgeous? Yes. This darling look is feminine, chic, and still going strong. Showing some skin in an unexpected area, you can showcase a gorgeous block heel or casual converse. They are bold, brave, and beyond stylish. We recommend the ultra-slimming straight leg, cut an inch above the ankle bone.

Super Wide Leg

Thank you, fashion gods. This style is the quintessential fashion item of influencers and fashion icons, though it isn’t for everyone. Wide leg jeans signify effortless confidence, and a this-is-style attitude. We suggest a high waisted fit, with heels to elongate the leg.


These are the two-toned jeans that have adorned every model and it-girl since the beginning of time. A slight exaggeration? Maybe, but when Demna Vsalia sent them down the Vetements SS16 runway, patchwork and reworked denim continued to demonstrate to the industry that they are not going anywhere a. This style is most striking with mix-matched washes. And yes, we have already bought ours from Revice.