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Written by Annabelle Macgugan for publication on Couturing

The latest campaign by Wrangler has offered an innovative autumn and winter fashion range. Reaching out for inspiration from nineties rock sensations, and the fashion imagery surrounding them, Wrangler has created a collection of crisp denims and fierce designs using materials such as grunge knitware and vintage lace. Reaffirming the lovely Wrangler heritage, a daring line of trend setting items has emerged, whilst maintaining the fluid knitware and elaborate denim typical of the brand.

Drawing inspiration from nineties youth rock bands, the striking collection of women’s wear includes various vintage lace and grunge knit, as well as textured jeans and faded denim. Merging their traditional styles with modern silhouettes and fabrications, Wrangler has produced a line of elegant, stylish pieces. At the centre of their collection is the denim shirt. Dangerous yet sophisticated, the potential for double denim excites even the most cynical fashion critic, and with the look coming back around, it is time to start investing. If you are eager to give double denim a try, opt for different shades to keep your attire as balanced as possible.

Gentleman, a brilliant pair of fitted jeans can mean the difference between ‘swag’ and ‘suave’. This season’s inspiration for our male counterparts belongs to prolific rock legends Neil Young and Daniel Lanois. Similar in style, the striking denim accentuates a sense of masculinity with bold jackets and charming denim shirts. With the inspiration truly drawn from the legendary producer and singer-songwriter, the striking denim and traditional trucker jackets maintain the Wrangler heritage. Throw a pair of aviators on top, you will look sexier than you can imagine.

This season has seen a change in Wrangler’s denim aesthetics. The regular denim has been manipulated into the high fashion vintage, whilst maintaining Wrangler style, of course. The confident, relaxed appeal of the Wrangler knitwear has adapted new textiles and designs, however the brand maintains the much-loved range of trans seasonal knits. Wrangler has created a versatile, seductive range of clothing for the cooler months, with an ability to adapt to various personal styles. The only question is, what do you buy first?