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Written by Annabelle Macgugan for Almost Famaus.

Immersed in timeless luxury and elegance, Avery Verse was created by husband and wife dream team Taylor and Christie Cook. Through their masterful designs, the label has evolved into a fusion of practicality, style and enduring aesthetics. I was lucky enough to learn delve into the deluxe fashion brand’s story, and am very excited to be sharing our interview.

Your fairytale romance lead to the bestowal of Avery Verse on the world. What specifically inspired its creation?

For years we had been discussing the possibility of starting a business. We’re adamant we thought of Uber before Uber! But that’s a story for another time… This ongoing conversation refined what type of business we wanted to run and how we wanted to build our life together around it. What really made the difference was the realisation that we had a love for fashion and, in particular, luxury because of its refinement. We really loved sophistication and we believed that we could create something beautiful in this space that wasn’t being done.

Of particular interest was creating timeless designs, or a style that really didn’t become out-dated. We felt the current trend chasing in the marketplace was uninspiring and that kind of fashion is really frustrating when you love elegance.

When you imagine the ultimate Avery Verse woman, who is she? 

The Avery Verse woman has bought several luxury pieces before and is always looking for new styles. She’s educated and wants to use her attire to express herself, especially beyond attention seeking, to something more like art. There’s an appreciation for fashion that is socially conscious and this is part of what makes her such a fan of our work.

What has been the greatest triumph so far in your Avery Verse journey?

That’s a hard one to answer! We’ve had great press for our range which is always appreciated. It can be very hard sometimes running a business and positive feedback for your work is uplifting. I think the greatest triumph we’ve had is when customers become fans. When you have someone go from liking a bag to loving your brand that’s a big shift and it’s really fulfilling.

For your latest collection you enlisted the help of Greek designer Angelo Loukakis. What impact has his influence had on the collection?

The biggest impact was a European perspective on the style. There’s a great synergy of our Western style with his that has made the bags practical and fashionable. Many of the designs could be one or the other depending on how you look at them and this makes for a real timeless aesthetic.

Of your new collection, which is each of your favorite bags?

The Sublime handbag and Manhattan tote bag. The Sublime is our best seller and constantly loved on which we’re very proud of. It is also the first of Christie’s designs that we produced, so that it would become our highest selling is awesome. We love the Manhattan tote bag for the white stitching on the exterior. It’s such a simple accentuation that evokes deep emotion. Pure elegance.

You have created a brand that not only offers timeless luxury, but is also socially conscious. Can you reveal how Avery Verse maintains such an honorable standing?

We ask questions and we let our moral compass guide decision making. It’s more expensive for instance to use vegetable tanned leather but it’s such an eco-friendly leather and very beautiful. So in that case the business mind that wants to maximise profits has to be quiet because we couldn’t abide by anything less than the best.

What does the future hold for Avery Verse?

We’ll be travelling a lot in the second half of the year. Our current calendar has trips to Milan, New York and Dubai so a lot of meetings and a runway show in the UAE in March next year that we’ll be doing with Fashion Palette. They’re a Sydney based fashion agency that hold fantastic runway shows in international locations and we were fortunate to be included in their Dubai show.

Alongside of that, we have a new range coming out late 2017 which we’re very excited for. This will retain our timeless aesthetic but with an inspired fashion forward approach that will really define what an Avery Verse bag is. We wanted to create a distinct impression with our style and this new range has that.