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Written by Annabelle Macgugan for Almost Famaus

Winter is again upon us, and with it comes the mass migration to warmer climates. No matter how organised you are, chaos always ensues in the lead up to a winter escape. To create an effortless, memorable trip, we have documented our favourite holiday companions, from bikinis to our favourite footwear  destination to help ease you into relaxation mode.

Passport? Check. Travel insurance? Check. Brand new Eurvin bikini? Double check. As they’ll be the pinnacle of your travel wardrobe, why not gift yourself with a new pair of bathers? We are currently in love with the cheeky, classic cuts of Eurvins latest collection. Utilising a neutral colour palette, Eurvin bathers enhance the feminine frame without distracting from your natural beauty. Timeless, elegant, and a little bit flirty, their simple cuts and flattering shapes ensure a versatile, stylish holiday staple.

Travelling is all about freedom, so packing light makes sense. However, if you are like us, restricting outfit options is not in our DNA. The solution? Acquire simple, versatile pieces that will transform your outfit when adapted with different items. A wonderful example is the classic white shirt. This can can be styled with jeans, shorts, a skirt – anything. Add dimension to your outfit through Magali Pascal’s gorgeous embroidered Camelia shirt. Simple and elegant, this spectacular piece offers an unassuming element to any ensemble. 

Similar to the classic white shirt, comfortable and chic footwear are an essential part of stylish vacationing. Though the temptation of heels is alluring, flats are definitely the way to go. Finding flat, comfortable shoes that would tie together an outfit the way heels do can be difficult. For a holiday, one cannot go past Ballettonet‘s Bon Voyage loafers. These gorgeous luxury flats glide on like slippers, completing an outfit delightfully. They’re plain, with just a little sass, and oh-so comfortable to walk in.

While you will no doubt cultivate a sensuous glow basking in the Santorini sun, the time between ‘snow white’ and ‘bronzed goddess’ is often a little too long. Keep your skin looking and feeling on point with the help of Bali Body. This glorious range includes tanning lotions, BB Cream, Bronzing Lotions and moisturisers, all conveniently bundled into one stress-free bronze beauty package. The range is also offered with SPF, because you want to eat lobsters, not be one.

Enduring winter’s cold embrace can lead you to overlook certain summer essentials like, say, a hat. No, not the awful kindergarten mullet caps. We’re talking unique, sultry, glamorous crowns to adorn your head and set off your outfits. We’re talking lack of color. Lack of colors’ diverse collection of hats and caps present styles inspired by French femininity and vintage charm. Beautiful broad brimmed hats, fun fedoras and even a captain’s cap will keep you fashionable, chic, and sans burn.

A break from reality really should be a break. Break away from your phone, your computer, your tablet. Break away from the drama, the messages and the phone calls. Turn everything off, lay back, and immerse yourself in a captivating read. Picking a book is a very personal choice, but who isn’t enthralled by a romance bursting with passion? Our recommendation for an enticing, delectable read is The Dangers of Truffle Hunting by Sunni Overend. This sophisticated book about discontent, longing and lust unravels into a… Whoops, I’ve already said too much.