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Nutella is not so Nutella-icious...

We know you all love Nutella as much as we do; I mean, who doesn't love that chocolatey goodness that is oh so delicious?! But have you noticed something strange, something that is a little...off? If your Nutella contains small, white balls throughout the mixture, do not worry, you are not alone! Is it worms? Spider eggs? Has it gone mouldy? Have we all consumed an insect that will now eradicate the human race from the face of the Earth?! Fear not! For those of you who did not discard of your strange, new Nutella, you can now rest assured that it is safe to consume! According to Nutella, it is merely the result of storage and has caused the ingredients to separate to form the white balls. However...due to convincing ourselves that we only had a few days left to live, we did destroy our Nutella...and we now feel the extreme guilt of having betrayed our favourite spread! We are sorry Nutella, we will never doubt you again! Although, I really do not think we could have consumed the grainy spread that it had turned into! 

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