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Written by Annabelle Macgugan for Almost Famaus.

Delving into the creative mind of eccentric designer Petrina Turner, we are invited to share a few of her precious childhood memories immortalized through her latest collection, New Again. In collaboration with her former employer, Designer Rugs, Petrina has released a chic, colourful collection of four unique rugs fit to grace the decks of any castle (Mid-Century, of course!).

At first glance, these statement floor pieces offer rich luxury and vibrancy. From the curious shape of Evelyn in its brilliant bright pink, to the gentle tones of Mavis reminiscent of a watercolour painting, simple ideas are transferred into statement pieces. The entire collection draws from the childhood memories of its designer, re-envisioning homely symbols such as a doily or a familiar painting into versatile, unique dΓ©cor. Lifelong skills cultivated in her youth are also immortalised, with each design accompanied by a heartfelt, sentimental insight into its origin.

Statement and curvaceous to say the least, Evelyn brings to life the doilies familiar to its namesake, Petrina’s paternal grandmother. As is familiar to most grandchildren, there is usually one persistent present received every year. For Petrina it was an intricate, detailed (and always treasured) doily. Mavis, also named for her other grandmother, details a statement blue rose rug with distinct ties to the floral paintings and delicate tapestries that adorned the walls of Marvis’ home. A skill shared between Petrina and her family, Purls of Wisdom creates a clean embodiment of the age old craft; knitting. A personal favourite, the cross-stitching and tailored piece entitled High Tea presents a fortuitous memory of learning a life skill in youth. However, the intricate design also highlights one particular vintage, cross-stitched tea towel that, over the years, has absorbed numerous tea stains from many tea parties, and thus High Tea was conceived.

As the collection reminisces fond memories and past accomplishments, it is fitting for the collaboration to have been undertaken between Petrina and her former proprietor Designer Rugs. Amassing a whopping 30 years in the industry, with prior collaborators including the likes of Camilla Franks, Akira Isogowa and Megan Hess, a collaboration between the two is a match made in heaven. Made from a combination of bamboo and New Zealand wool, or just the latter, these rugs can be customised to fit the parameters of any room. Good news for those of us in teeny apartments! The final challenge is in choosing the right rug for your home, luckily their individuality proposes numerous options for the indecisive among us.