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The Husband's Secret

β€˜The husband’s secret’ is a tantalising tale of the struggles of three separate families who all slowly intertwine, binding themselves together with one secret. There is mystery, intrigue, and passion that is so gripping and mysterious it will have you reading until the very early hours of the morning, at least until you realise you have to be up in two hours for work and realise how difficult this may be!

It is a murder mystery that has gone 30 years unsolved, with continuous questions being raised and answers being left floating in the air, desperate for an explanation. It is an exceptionally well-written novel, and is definitely one I could not put down!

The author, Liane Moriarty, was unknown to me before reading, however it has caused me to search for her other novels high and low, I am determined to read them all and call so and so my new favourite author!

If you are entering into uni holidays, much like myself, and find yourself freed from the constant nag and persistence of assignments, I implore you to read this fantastically scripted novel, it is definitely one that has scored very highly from myself and many other readers! We only post regarding wondrous new novels we have discovered, and as you can see from our lack of literature posts, we have not found a novel that we have enjoyed thoroughly enough to rave about, and we read A LOT (as you could probably tell if you ever sat behind me in uni lecture, no that’s not lecture notes I am reading!). Happy Reading! 

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