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The Forgotten Friends

It's not like we do not see them very regularly, I personally cannot scroll through Facebook without seeing our favourite sitcom stars startle us with their aging complexions, making us realise how old we ourselves are (apart from Jennifer Anniston, in my opinion she may never have looked younger!). However what about the stars that only had minor roles, that graced our screens for a few episodes and/or seasons before disappearing into our vast TV history, momentarily forgotten until we see the re-run of the episode. So here we go, from babies, to adults, to one night stands and short time marriages, here are our favourite forgotten stars!

Gunther, dear old Gunther, the disturbingly sad, lovesick cafe manager who desperately wanted the girl yet was defeated by Ross (of all people)...not that he would ever have had a real chance. We cannot deny his photo shocked us to our core, not because of his aging, which actually isn't that bad, but because he has a striking resemblance to one of our ex boyfriends...amazing we managed to keep our vomiting in control!





OH MY GOD! Need we say more...? Here is the ever so famously annoying cast member who featured quite sporadically over the seasons

It took forgetting his date and leaving her at the movies, giving an apartment key only to have it changed on the same day and a pregnant ex-wife living in his apartment before Mona finally caved and gave Ross the flick that was probably long overdue. However we think she recovered from this disastrous relationship quite well don't you?

Josh-U-a! Give me a J, give me an O, give me an S, give me an H, give me a U, give me an A, what does it spell...? And we never got to find out! After answering the door gowned in a wedding dress we never saw the handsome actor again, however we managed to track him down!

Elizabeth was a fly in, and wasn't in the show for longer than a few episodes, yet will forever be remembered. The character introduced us to another character, a cry-baby at that! However first let us take a look at the young beauty who stole Ross's heart and made us all cringe and think 'yikes maybe he is a bit of a creep!'

And to add to our new found distaste of Ross's decision to date a much younger girl, Rachel sidled up to the young girl's father and made the whole situation much more awkward! Like his daughter, Paul only graced our screens for a few episodes.

Gavin was my favourite of Rachel's very short term boyfriends and I was extremely disappointed when he was cut from our screens after only a few episodes! However was extremely thrilled to discover him in New Girl...where he was also cut from...I guess we will have to keep trying!

Ahhh and how could we have forgotten the man that Ross held responsible for his WE WERE ON A BREAK! Mark appeared very early on in the series, yet caused quite a stir throughout his time on the screen. 

Another of Rachel's heartthrobs (gosh we seem to be finding plenty of them!) was the very young and impressionable Tag. We soon saw him run for hills when Rachel announced her pregnancy, poor young child!

Now that we have touched base on Rachel's past lovers, maybe it is time to check in on Monica Geller! Richard stole her heart, and we mourned with her as we saw it be mashed and mangled beyond repair. It was quite the scandal but we loved every screening minute of Monica and Richard!

Pete seemed quite an odd choice for Monica to fall in love with, and we must admit, did not seem to fit her personality, character, or even the show. It was not our favourite part of the series, however we thought we would honour his presence in the much beloved series!

The Gellers were featured on Friends as a whole family on a regular basis, and were two of the only parents we saw throughout the whole series on a re-occuring basis. So here they are, Mr. and Mrs. Geller!

Now for the children that reappeared on a regular basis, and were the children of our much loved characters, Ben and Emma (please note that Emma was played by twin girls).

And here is Rachel...Emily! I mean Emily!

And, if you haven't seen them enough, here is the rest of the cast! We have to admit, along with the cast, this show has aged amazingly well and continues to be an amazing success!

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