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Deadly Embrace by Jackie Collins

Sensational book, terrible ending. This book had me hooked from the moment I picked it up. The story was complex, glamorous, inspired; the various characters left you wanting for nothing. It was gripping. The various story lines and abundant characters added depth and layers to an already engaging story about love, loss and revenge. It follows the tragic and suspenseful tale of the extremely handsome and intelligent Michael Castelli, and his brilliantly beautiful showgirl lover Dani Castle.

I discovered this book in a farmers market, and grabbed it without hesitation. From the first page I was hooked. The unexpected, endearing and sometimes horrifying events of the book push the limits of what people can endure. It is three hundred pages of the rich, tumultuous, and dynamic adventures of Michael Vincent Castelli, and his love, Dani. Separated for years due to prison stints and jealous lovers, Michael and Dani experience the highs and lows of life as they struggle to create independent and successful lives. Passionate love scenes, sometimes so passionate I had to skip a head, glittered the tactical mind games the characters endured. Jacki Collins draws you in with such endearment your emotions begin to mirror the characters’.

As the story is stretched over decades, various ideals are bought into the book. The abuse suffered by Dani at the hands of her father; how she entered the family in the first place, how she escaped. This isolation and fierce independence is developed throughout the book, and her already breathtaking beauty grips everyone around her. Michael is also the victim of a failed father, whose tragic demise at the hands of his ex -lover ignites an ongoing war between her and Michael. The violence, revenge, passion and joy of these beautiful, wealthy, brilliant people creates a chaotic, yet wonderful, story. It is a very easy read, and completely consumes you. Despite the abrupt ending, it is a very good book. 


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