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Written by Annabelle Macgugan for Almost Famaus.

Approaching a May-life crisis (yes, I went there) the prospect of expanding my sub-par word puzzle skills appeared a welcome challenge. Revolutionising the always enjoyable crossword puzzle, the new online gaming platform Wealth Words offers an exciting way to exercise your brain from anywhere on the planet.

Forcing you to think outside the box, and carefully analyse the clues, Wealth Words offers a unique approach to the traditional crossword puzzle. Once registered online, you can buy and earn tokens that allow you to play any game on the site. Each crossword can be attempted numerous times within its 24-hour lifecycle, and once you begin the pressure is on to complete the puzzle within an hour. Once the timer has run down on the crossword, the winners are announced. These lucky few – I am yet to count myself among them – earn money, from which they can either purchase tokens or have delivered into their account. Yes, you can actually EARN MOOLAH enjoying this game.

After figuring out the basics, my first online crossword puzzle with Wealth Words seemed a cinch. Equipped with an informative clue, all you have to do is insert one – just one – missing letter for each word. Seems easy, right? Wrong! The clever characters at Wealth Words deliberately choose words and clues that could offer more than one solution. Imagine my surprise when a clue referenced someone waking up to find “the ‘_’ I Z A R D” was no longer on his front porch. I assumed said lizard had vacated the property, but no, a WIZARD had bailed instead. I desperately need to pay more attention to the clues.

The gentle variety of clues ensures an enlightening game that can be completed over breakfast, on the tram to work, or even when abseiling down cliff face (if anyone attempts this, be sure to send me photos). It is an intriguing approach to conventional crosswords, and offers unique enjoyment for even the biggest crossword sceptic.