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Taxi Costs, why is Australia one of the most expensive?

As many of you may have experienced, there is a severe lack of public transport around the Melbourne Airport. The Star Bus is a fantastic service, however it can be costly, especially for tourists who may not have experienced Australia’s high cost of living, and it only goes straight into the city. I have been coming and going from both the Melbourne Airport and the Sydney Airport, and it has become clear to me that the Sydney Airport is much better facilitated for people who need to access public transport, with both buses and trains leaving directly from there to the city and other stations that will allow you to access the outer suburbs. However, no matter which Airport you arrive in, there is ALWAYS an abundance of taxi services. I will always chose public transport over a taxi, merely due to the extreme cost of catching a taxi within Australia. Opening the door of a taxi will cost you a minimum of $4, and this price rises depending on the time of day and which day it is. This is utterly ridiculous, especially when this cost is added to at an extremely high rate throughout the travel time. However, sometimes, especially when located in Melbourne, you have no other options but to take a taxi, unless you want to consistently change buses, trains and trams to get to your location. If you do not have the time to do this, taxis are the only other option. However, I wasn’t aware that we, as the passengers, are now required to give directions to the driver in order to arrive at the correct address. I understand that drivers cannot possibly know how to get to every location, however isn’t that why we have the advanced technology of a GPS? I am sorry to say, but if I chose to be taken to my destination in a taxi, I expect the driver to at least be able to type in my address into the GPS. I have been abused for not giving directions to a location that I myself had no idea how to get to, and been the victim of being overcharged because the driver decides to pull over, fiddle around with his GPS, consistently typing in the wrong address, despite me spelling out each and every word, trying to find my location and have my rates increase rapidly while we sit at a stand still. I have also been the victim of a taxi driver choosing to drive well under the speed limit, lengthening my time in the taxi and therefore increasing the price I have had to pay. Driving a mere 10-15 minutes has cost me over $40, which, in all honesty, is absolutely ludicrous! If public transport decided to also lower their rates and have a wider accessibility or, like in most countries, have free shuttles within the airport, and free shuttles that go directly to the city, then the traffic congestion would decrease and people would be able to travel more frequently without the dreaded fear of paying ridiculous amounts of money to travel a mere 10 minutes! If taxis will not lower their rates, then the amount of public transport in high traffic areas and congested travel areas needs to be increased!

Have you been a victim of paying a small fortune for a taxi trip? What do you think should be done? Have your say here!

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