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As I was casually scrolling through my instagram for the thousandth time today, I surveyed the usual posts, you know, the posts that make you wish for a causal five million dollars (honestly is that too much to ask for?). It was here that I saw something that made my heart sink. It has recently been circulating social media sites, as I soon discovered, and something I desperately tried to convince myself was a huge scam, a way to get people hot under the collar for no real reason. However, as I soon devastatingly discovered, these posts are true, and are something that make me feel physically ill. The current hashtag #stopyulin2015 demonstrates what all animal rights activists (or anyone that even remotely cares about animals) are fighting for. If you have not seen it or have seen it and refuse to believe it is true, let me confirm to you what the truth is behind this heartbreaking hashtag.


Yulin is in the north end of Shaanxi Province, China and has a current population of 918,229. Yulin has held an annual festival since 2010 (although there is some discrepancy with this date, with some people stating it has been active since 1990) with the intent to improve the dog-meat traders industry. This festival is being called the Dog and Cat Meat Festival throughout the media. This festival sees thousands of dogs and cats stolen, transported to Yulin and then slaughtered, burnt alive and even boiled for the consumption of the local population. It is said that approximately 500,000 pounds of dog and cat meat will be consumed throughout this festival, with many of these animals having been stolen from loving homes. Yes, this festival is celebrated, it is real and, scarily enough, despite numerous reports of the local government banning this disgusting festival, is continuing to take place. The main reason that this event is so difficult to stop is due to the legislation of the slaughtering of dogs and cats in China. However, due to the publication of this event, thankfully it has achieved global recognition, and not in a positive way.


However occurrences like these are not only associated with this festival. Another photo has recently been circulating the globe, which depicts a little girl sobbing beside a slaughtered and cooked dog. The story behind this tragically heartbreaking photo is said to be a tale about a dog named Flower who was adorned in a loving home, belonging to a young Vietnamese child. Flower was said to being stolen from her home and slaughtered, proceeding then to be sold on a stall in a local market. The family tragically found their dog, cooked and on display, leaving them, not only heartbroken, but with a traumatized child that cannot understand why her dog is not alive. Even though this story is unconfirmed, there is no doubt that the feelings behind this photograph will be felt after the event of this festival. How many children in China will be suffering the loss of a loving companion? And how many of these families will have the heartache of explaining to their children that they will never see their companion again? This picture perfectly encapsulates the true devastation that encompasses this event.


Many people around the world are vocalizing their protests through the uses of social media, and it has rapidly gained a response, so much so that a petition has been created (which is still circulating and we are begging everyone we know to sign) to put a stop to such an inhumane and disgusting treatment of animals. This petition has over 17,000 signatures and is continuing to grow. We are calling out to everyone, to please, sign this petition, share this article, share ANY article dedicated to putting a stop to this horrible slaughtering, so that people are aware of this and can come together and end this once and for all. These people need to be penalized, and, as far as we are concerned, imprisoned for life for the revolting act that they are committing. Justice needs to be served and this is just the beginning, we will not be silent and will not stop until it comes to an end. Sign this petition today, make a difference, and #stopyulin2015. 

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Reported photo of Flower the dog, who was stolen from a Vietnamese home. Sourced from www.globalpost.com

Reported photo of Flower the dog, who was stolen from a Vietnamese home. Sourced from www.globalpost.com

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