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Innocence is Bliss

I was casually flicking through my social media, as is my usual routine the moment my eyes are open wide enough to focus in the morning (sad, however I think for many of us, entirely true), when I came upon the following photo. My immediate reaction was ‘awww look at Portia she is so gorgeous!’ However before I continued my scrolling, the growing amount of comments caught my eye.

Farrah Umansky is the daughter of Kyle Richards Umansky, who is a former child star and currently features in the popular reality show The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Her stepfather is a massively successful Beverly Hills Realtor and Farrah is one of four girls. The youngest of this family is Portia, who was featured in Farrah’s latest Instagram post while they are away enjoying a family holiday. As I am a family orientated person, I originally did not think twice about the photo, I merely saw it as an adoring big sister catching the littlest of four children in a beautiful holiday moment. However, the following comment made me stop and re-evaluate my thoughts.

Sourced from: Instagram

It is disturbing to realize that we now live in a society where women, children, and even men, are consistently at risk of being a victim of a predator. Whether the predator is committing an act of embezzlement or is a rapist, they are out there and, unfortunately, there are many of them. The number of sex offenders that are listed on the Internet is enough to make your skin crawl, and these are only the registered sex offenders; goodness knows how many are surrounding us on a daily basis that are not recorded.

Farrah’s post is on social media, a place where photos can be taken and stored on electronic devices for personal and public use. Even if Farrah was to remove the photo, it is never possible to entirely erase it from the Internet. We assume on a daily basis that our photos will be seen in the way we intend them to be seen, innocently, happily and maybe sometimes even braggingly! However we forget that, despite all the good people, there are the wrong people, people who could use this photo in despicable ways that I will not discuss as it is too upsetting to really contemplate. However I am still conflicted over this post and the opinions that are being openly shared. I do understand the concern people are showing, however why should we always have to live in fear of these people? Why do we have to second-guess ourselves every time we want to post something that is as innocent as a little girl on her family holiday? Why do we have to become the preventers of despicable acts? Why do children now have to grow up and be taught of the dangers of predators? Why is it that people cannot be taught to NOT commit disgraceful acts? Why do we have to live in fear of others?

It is not right, and we should not always feel we have to question ourselves over the smallest, most innocent acts because someone may see it the ‘wrong’ way. It is disgraceful and is something that NEEDS to change! I support Farrah’s photo as what it is, INNOCENT!

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