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Everyday Violence: Athlete punches student in bar

A video has been floating around the Internet of an “altercation” between a man and a woman at a Tallahassee bar last month. In the altercation, the man tries to force his way past the young woman in order to get to the bar. You see him drag another woman out of the way at the start of the video, then try to do the same with the blonde woman. She is having none of it, and rightly so. Using physical force to get your way? I guess some Neanderthals can’t comprehend common decency. Next you see an exchange of words, before he – after a second shove – grabs her arms. In an attempt to be released, she punches him (and misses). He responds by smashing her across the face with his fist.

The man in question is De’Andre Johnson, a star football player who is the quarterback for the  Florida State University Team. In the aftermath of this violence, Johnson has was suspended then subsequently dismissed from the team by Coach Jimbo Fisher. He has also been charged with a misdemeanor. For striking someone. A MISDEMEANOR. Not only this, but in his public apology – made through his attorney – he manages to apologize to every person involved; his family, students of Florida State University, his team mates. He apologizes to everyone BUT the young woman he assaulted. He is supposedly embarrassed by his actions. News flash Neanderthal, that woman will be suffering a lot more than you can ever imagine.

You cannot rationalize physical assault. Claiming that you were provoked, mocked or insulted – or someone hurt your feelings – is not a justification for violence. Unless you deem yourself a criminal, a person who is unstable and untrustworthy, find a rational and mature way to handle the situation. And if this is genuinely impossible for you, seek professional help. You need it.  

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