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The Great Ocean Road

Originally posted on Almost Famaus.

Wanderlust is a serious affliction; we suffer from it constantly here at Almost Famaus. From exploring the markets in Hong Kong to walking across the entire of central Florence in under ten minutes (who knew?!) we love adventure. Regretfully, jetting off to Europe on a whim is not always feasible. So, in the first of an ongoing series, we are looking into satiable home-grown getaways.


Not exactly a hidden treasure but, as one of the most picturesque coastal drives in the world, it is definitely to be treasured. Anyone who has driven this scenic route can attest to its breathtaking views. With the road skating a top of huge cliffs – though terrifying – is utterly incredible. It is on this route that you will find the 12 apostles, beautiful beach views and access to some of Australia’s most glorious rainforests.

The Great Ocean Road begins in Torquay and winds its way up to Allansford. On its journey it passes through Lorne, Apollo Bay, Princetown and other seaside villages. As the beauty of this getaway is the journey, it is a unique escape that invites enjoyment from the entire experience. The journey is 243km long, and with locations such as Anglesea less than an hour out of Melbourne, day trips along this road are entirely possible for the time-conscious traveller. We have highlighted out favourite stops along this majestic strip.


Situated between the Otways (yes) and the beach (double yes), the heart of the Great Ocean Road brings the best of two worlds together in one quaint seaside town. Surrounded by mountains, Lorne has some of the best walking tracks in the world. With less than 1000 permanent residents, and its convenient location two hours out of Melbourne, you can essentially end your journey here and still achieve a peaceful city escape.


Lorne may be the heart of the Great Ocean Road, but Apollo Bay is the seafood capital. Like Lorne, the bush meets the beach in this coastal country town. Its inviting, tranquil beaches offer the chance for deep sea fishing, surfing and kayaking. You can even get close to the local seal colonies, though not too close. If the beach is not for you, chasing waterfalls (sorry, had to do it!) and hiking through the picturesque scenery of the Otway rainforest is an inviting alternative.


This is the area for BIG nature. Here you will find the iconic 12 Apostles amidst humbling cliffs hanging above the ocean. There is a 1.1km walk between the apostles and the closest car-park, ensuring you can fully immerse yourself in this this Instagram worthy stop.


Anglesea is our favourite Great Ocean Road destination. Complete with gorgeous beaches, and full of boutiques and hearty restaurants, Anglesea encapsulates the ultimate road-trip destination. It is easy to assimilate into the day to day life of a local, ensuring you never want to leave. From the beautiful hiking tracks to the local surf club, Anglesea is the getaway for those who want to enjoy the benefits of being a tourist without actually feeling like one.

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